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Labour December 7th, 9:52am... A few days later

Charlie Tivoli Beimers
8 lbs 12 oz, 21 inches

We've got mail...

Holy crap. I was calling this morning to wish Kev a happy birthday and I called both your numbers. I was going to give you shit and say okay you better have a good excuse for not picking up your phone on your birthday. The excuse better be that there is a baby on the way! How funny that it was true! Weeeeee!
- Colin, Crystal and Nathan
Dryden, ON

Hi Aimee,
I know you're at the hospital now probably sleeping after your long labour, or perhaps feeding little Charlie even (and hopefully not having too difficult a time of it!), but I wanted to email you now when I just found out about her birth (just got Danny's email when I woke up this morning) even if it means you don't get it until you get back home. Congratulations sweetie! I'm sooooo happy that your new little girl arrived safely and that you're both doing so well. I know she's going to be so loved and cuddled and tickled and cherished by you two. You're a "mommy" now and you're in for a wonderful ride.
What a cutie! She looks in one photo like she's downright mad about being out in the cold wide world and not comfy in mommy's tummy, but she's sweet and kissable and altogether wonderful. Congrats to you both on an amazing little girl. ...Where did you get such a fascinating and unusual middle name for little Charlie? Looking forward to the day when I can visit with you again, and get to meet your beautiful little girl too. I think of you guys often and miss you horribly! Take care and I'll talk to you soon,
- Cindy
Calgary, AB

Hey you guys, Congrats! Best wishes to you and Charlie.
- Boffo
Thunder Bay, ON

Beautiful!!!!! She is adorable.... Charlie is a very cute name for a girl!!!!. I think I am getting that all over gramma glow.....send more pictures. I want a Mommy and Charlie shot.
Did you deliberately spell it 'Charlie' rather than the more feminine 'Charley' or 'Charli' to avoid any female stereotyping? Just curious.......because you were avoiding pink too. It is very cool..........can I call her Charlie Angel? Love ya,
- Mom/Gramma
Thunder Bay, ON

Welcome, bienvenida!! Uncle Chris can't write now because he is crying tears of joy at this moment after his first view of his niece..... We feel very happy for your arrival and we hope to have you in our arms very soon!!! You are sooo cute with precious eyes. Your family is very crazy, but great people, We will love you a lot. Dios te bendiga por siempre!! Congrats for your Mami and Daddy!! tu tia que te ama muchoooooo
- Tia Eunice
Stratford, ON

Hello to the new parents,
Congratulations! I am speechless! I just saw the picture of my niece, she is very beautiful! This has been a very happy day. This has been a banner year for the fabulous Beimers brothers. Big bro gets hitched, little bro has a child and turns 30. Also Mom (Grandma) turned 60. WHAT A YEAR!! Welcome to the world, Charlie Tivoli Beimers! You and your Uncle Chris will have some great times together!!! I want to be the uncle that she wants to see all the time.
Congratulations Kevin and Aimee, and welcome Charlie!!
- Uncle Chris
Stratford, ON

Congratulations over and over and over one more time, hope all is well, I love you both. BTW, what does tivoli mean?
- Blair
Out West Somewheres, BC

WEEEE! Ron and I would like to extend a tremendous congrats on the new baby girl bundle of joy! I know you guys are in awe and cherishing each and every moment. I love the pics and look forward to getting many more along with updates. Take care and hear from you soon.
- Mike
Thunder Bay, ON

Congratulations on the birth of your daughter,
- E-card from Colin
Dryden, ON

CONGRATULATIONS....I am so happy for the both of you. You both have done well! She is a doll! How is mommy...? Take care of your girls! They need you now! Love you all! OXOXO
- Crystal
Dryden, ON

Congrats! Enjoy - you will never imagine the love you can have for another human until you have a little one. Happy holidays!
- Miia, Nick and Anthony
Rochester, NY

You know what I think of new born baby pictures...right??? Well, this one is special...probably because of you can take such great photos, Charlie being so photogenic and because she is my first grandchild!!! Congratulations...she's beautiful!!!
- Pake/Dad/Frank
Jakarta, Indonesia

Dear mamma and pappa
I could hardly wait to get home to see the new photos of your baby. She is a darling and looks like a keeper. And of course we all realize that she has an independent way of thinking. "What do you mean share my birthday with my father? No way". Sounds like you had a rough road but that part is over and the next is just fun. Well, with a few sleepless nights as Charlie trains you. And now we will have to put up with Susan's bragging. I had it all up until now and now I guess Alina will have to share the spotlight. Alina just loves Susan and I'm sure as Charlie grows up she will love her as much.
Congratulations you two. Christmas will have a new meaning for you.
- Jan
Thunder Bay, ON

Well you are sleeping, I hope. Or are you wide awake in anticipation of bringing little Charlie home. Wow. I don't think I believe it yet.
I was just watching the news. Charlie may have arrived late for your birthday, but you will be able to tell her that a tornado hit London on the day she was born. Please tell me it wasn't your neighbourhood it hit.
After the past couple of weeks of constantly thinking about you guys, I can't seem to stop.............hence the number of emails. Oh well. best get to bed. Hope you slept well. Looking forward to talking to Aimee.
- Gramma
Thunder Bay, ON

GREAT NEWS! Congratulations to all contributors and great that everyone is well. Looks like she knows a few things already and looks suspiciously like an animator to me.
Tell Aimee to take things easy and let you do all the work. Warm regards and have a wonderful Christmas. By the way, I think Tivoli is a great name.
- Ali
Belfast, N. Ireland

Hi Kevin. Congratulations to you and Aimee! Great pictures. She looks like she wants to go back in! I think you’ve got a handful there mate, petulant, demanding, capricious, volatile... A woman. Haha! ‘Scuse the sexism. Hope it’s all going well for you.
- Bill
Leicester, UK

Well so much for a short labour eh?? Isn’t it just the most fabulous feeling when you finally push that baby out though?? I remember that feeling the best of all!! I guess that’s how I got myself in the same predicament!! HaHa!! Congratulations guys – I remember a friend of ours – who is in his 40’s – he & his wife Donna had a baby about 7 weeks before Alina was born. He said to us – "life has finally begun for us now" – so there you go – you are entering a new stage of life that will leave you breathless, hopeful, wanting more sleep – but so incredibly amazingly overwhelmingly spectacular you will hardly remember your days before Charlie came around to grace you with her presence..xo
- Stasia
Thunder Bay, ON

Congratulations! How exciting to hear your news! I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas with your daughter and many joy-filled years to come.
- Wendy
Toronto, ON

Welcome to the world, baby girl!
- Auntie Ingrid and family
Thunder Bay, ON

Fantastic news Kevin! Little Charlie looks beautiful! I hope you and your girls are all well. And I hope that the getting up in the night and nappy changing routine has been worked out fairly. Congratulations and pass my best wishes on to Aimee and Charlie...
- Tim
Belfast, N. Ireland

Ohmagosh! She's beautiful. Even more beautiful now that she has lost her birth battle redness. I was wondering if you were still in the hospital because we hadn't heard anything all day. At least today was hopefully a little more relaxing than the day before. And it is better that she be there and they keep an eye on her if there is anything to be keeping an eye on. I see Aimee is dressed and looking like she is enjoying herself.
Well, Not much more I can say. Just keep sending pictures and rest when you can. Love ya,
- Gramma
Thunder Bay, ON

Congratulations Family Beimers. Glad to know all is well. Now the fun begins! Love,
- Ken
Fareham, UK

OH MY GOODNESS!! Congratulations!! I'm so glad Aimee's well. Charlie is beautiful. I wish I were there to see you and and give you a big hug ((((((((((HUG))))))))))))
Love you,
- Alissa
New York, NY

She is just gorgeous.....reminds me a little of Ava when she was newborn with the round face, and the dark hair. Seems to take after Aimee as I think of Kevin as quite fair.....
- Michelle, Sean, Elise, Ava and Baby
Brantford, ON

Yay! You guys look great! Remember to take it easy and work in shifts. Blah, blah, blah. That's the already been pregnant and had a kid post labour piece of advice. Enjoy every waking minute of your time with her. They grow up fast. Sheesh, look at me with all the cliches today. Just saying it because Nathan will be two on Thursday! Take care and keep us posted! Question, what does Tivoli mean? Is it from your family or Aimee's?
- Colin, Crystal and Nathan
Dryden, ON

Congratulations on getting your girls at home. Little Charlie is absolutely beautiful - I can't wait to meet her! I hope Aimmee is feeling better soon (I remember all too well what she is going through!) Wonderful that you are on daddy duty at night - you are a super husband and a great father! Love all of you very much,
- Nadia
Thunder Bay, ON

Oh, a Baby Girl.... congratulations to you both!!!!!! I'm sure you were quite ready as you neared the end. I'll give you a shout once your back at home. Yay! You'll never receive a better Christmas gift. Take care you two. I will be in touch.
- Angie
Toronto, ON

Hi happy family,
My most happy, sincere and crazy congratulations i'm so happy for you three. I'll phone in a bit to talk to you, can't wait. Love the photos it looks like....mmmmm a little born baby. Careful with the kung-fu kicks...
- Oliver
Barcelona, Spain

Congratulations!!!!!! She's beautiful, and I love the name! Hopefully the labour went well...and everyone is getting some sleep. She was almost born on our birthday...that would have been great! :)
- Leslie, Colin, Gavyn & Landyn
Brantford, ON

Hi Aimee,
Just wondering how you're doing, and how the three of you are settling in. From what Kevin said on the phone, you're doing really well with the breastfeeding, which is so great. :) I'd love to hear how things are going and how your hospital experience was and how little Charlie is doing. I like the name, and am so curious where you got the middle name from. And how you pronounce it. Is it a long or short 'o'?
Take care,
- Cindy
Calgary, AB

Happy Happy Birth-day.
We are so excited to hear this lovely news. And we love her name - we are fans of the androgynous names (both Noam and Shai can be boy or girl names).
We hope that Mom, Charlie (and Dad) are feeling good and learning to get through it (those first days at home can be pretty brutal, but it gets better; we promise). We look forward to seeing her grow up on (and hopefully in person one day soon).
- Idana, Michael, Noam and Shai
New York, NY

Heartfelt congratulations to you both. What a cutie! I can't show my wife these pics... she will be sooooo broody !! She seems to have a similar glint/sparkle in her little peepers to daddy Beimers on the cuddles pic? Thanks, all the best to you both from the Idealpeople massive!
- Michael
Milton Keynes, UK

Hey, I was close in my prediction. Man, that's awesome. Take care!!!
- Ben
Thunder Bay, ON

Congratulations Aimee and Kevin! She's absolutely beautiful. Grandma Beimers is beaming. Wishing you all good health, happiness and love,
- Diane and the Take a Hike staff
Thunder Bay, ON

OH WOW!!! she's the cutest little thing!! huge congrats and a massive well done to mummy & daddy beimers!! you guys must be exhausted! thanks so much for sending pictures - i've been perched on the edge of my seat as charlie was deciding whether to come out and play yet! huge hugs to y'all x x
- Lucy
Milton Keynes, UK

Congratulations Kevin and Aimee!!
She is beautiful! So many precious times ahead of you. Enjoy even the crying as before you know it Charlie will be walking and talking and you will miss all her little baby noises! Next time you are in TBay it would be great to get Charlie and Brandon together, he just loves babies. Please take care, and get lots of sleep :) Thanks so much for all the pictures!
- Margot
Thunder Bay, ON

Hi Aimee and Kevin:
Charlie is beautiful and angelic, congratulations. You must be very happy and proud! The first bathing photo produced a look of terror on your face, Kevin -- so small and slippery, right? Keep sending the photos, we love them. Who won the contest for the time of delivery? I must have been very close. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to the whole family.
- Mark and Donna
Thunder Bay, ON

Fear not! We'll be posting one more page in a few more days with important information such as the
contest winner, more photos (including those bathing photos Mark was talking about),
and where the name 'Tivoli' comes from...

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