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"Don't worry if you have an ugly baby, you can just send her to boarding school until she's old enough for plastic surgery." -Name withheld.

When Kev and Aim were born:
Kev's weight: 10 pounds.
Kev's position: Breech.
Kev was: A month late.

Aim's weight: 6 pounds.
Aim's position: Head first.
Aim was: A month early.

Proving once again: That Aimee is more considerate of others and always early, while Kev arrives whenever and however he likes, no matter the consequences.
Aimee's thoughts:

I'm taking a break this week. I'm sick. Being pregnant is uncomfortable enough, but pregnant and sick? That, to me, is worse than a mushroom omelette.

Start with the aches, pains, heartburn and general lack of sleep from pregnancy, and add to it sneezes, coughs, sore throat, stuffy head, and a further lack of sleep. It does not put me in the mood to share. I'll be better next week, I promise.

In the meantime, a box arrived from Canada (thanks Dean) full of old photos. After Kev's family photos on Week 33, I'm happy to present to you some childhood photos of me. They're cute, and they take up space that I don't need to write in.

Kevin's thoughts:
It's getting close to magic time. It hadn't really sunk in until I did the last update to the website, and saw how few dots we had left on the timeline. It's really close!

So, I guess that means it's time for...

...the When's-The-Baby-Due Guessing Game Contest Poll Thing!

You know what I'm talking about... that thing you do in your office or with your friends when a baby's on the way. Take a random stab at the date, time of day, weight, and what the hell, the names of the baby. When the big day comes, we'll tally the scores, and the winner will win... something very good!
Enter the When's-The-Baby-Due Guessing Game Contest Poll Thing below!
Birth date: Scoring: 1 point penalty for every day off the actual birth date
Time of day:Scoring: 1 point penalty for every hour. Judged independently of date
Weight: Scoring: 1/2 point penalty for every ounce
Name: Scoring: Judged by first letter only. 1/2 point penalty for each letter away from actual name. Automatic 4 penalty points added if you don't guess. Golden snitch instant winner if you guess the name exactly!
Your name:
One guess per person! Good luck!
Your email:

Did you know?

Somebody told me that big babies are easier to give birth to, since they're so fat they've got lots of padding and something soft to push against, instead of little bony babies who only have pointy bits to push against.

To be quite honest, this sounds like the sort of bull shit that people tell people with big babies so they don't feel so bad about having to give birth to a big baby. I'll let you know.
Preggy Pal of the Week

Michelle and Sean (the parents), and Ava and Elise (the sisters)
When's it due? Somewhere between March 17th (Seanís Birthday) and March 25th (They keep changing my dates).

Sex of the baby? It looks like a boy... the ultrasound tech said that she was around 80% sure, but we got to see the turtle on an earlier scan.

Any names picked out? After having 2 girls, we are still getting into the groove to look for little boys names... whenever I see names to add to the list they are girls!! LOL

Any weird cravings? Just food all the time, nothing specific... I've had a lot of nausea with the pregnancy and the only way to beat it is to always have a full stomach.

Most memorable pregnancy moments? Hearing the heartbeat for the first time, seeing the baby on the ultrasound for the first time, and learning the baby was a boy!!!

The best pregnancy advice you'd like to pass on? Enjoy every minute of the pregnancy and try not to stress about it. My first pregnancy I was a basket case the entire time, and once she was born, I felt gypped because I never got to enjoy it. My favourite time of pregnancy is when the baby is moving around a lot and you almost can get a sense of their personality. Ava was fairly quiet and we used to play with her by poking her, and she would poke back, Elise was always moving (as she does now), and this one seems to do a lot of flips right now, not too much kicking (he is being nice to his mommy!!)

Aimee's cravings

I'm beginning to think this whole cravings thing didn't really happen for me. Each week we added this "cravings" bit to the bottom of the site, and I kept hoping one day to tell you a story like, "One day at the bus stop I bent down and picked up a handful of dirt and I licked it! I couldn't help myself!" but it never happened.

Kev says I'm just being too analytical. Like, if you get drunk, but throughout the night you try to assess how drunk you are, you don't get swept up in it, and you never really feel drunk. So, since I kept on saying, "Ooh, I wonder if this is one of those cravings you hear so much about," I never really got one. Meanwhile, Angie at work went to the children's centre to find some chalk to eat. Weird.
Baby's Book of the Week

The Very Persistent Gappers of Frip
By George Saunders
The town of Frip makes its living by raising goats, which is a very difficult task indeed, as, being right next to the seaside, the goats are continually plagued by gappers, which, if you don't already know, are small, orange, sea-urchin-like creatures with as many eyes as they have spines. The gappers love goats so much, they dedicate their lives to crawling out of the sea, attaching themselves to the goats and emitting a high-pitched shriek of affection, which makes it very difficult for a goat to concentrate on the task of giving milk. Start with that as a concept, add a girl named Capable, her father who won't eat anything that isn't painted white, and two God-fearing neighbours, and you've barely got an inkling of how absolutely silly this story is.
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