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"Kevin, I don't think we'll be bombarded with complaint emails if I take over the website for one week. You flatter yourself. " -a.

Baby stats:
Current size: 16 cm, from crown to rump.
Weight: 3 ounces.
Cost of three ounces of beluga caviar at Harrods: £178
Cost of three ounces of rump steak at Tesco's: 85 pence

Developed this week: Thankfully, no cravings for caviar.
Kevin's thoughts:
Kevin has no thoughts this week.

He's too busy working on an animation to properly think baby thoughts.

However, this hasn't stopped the perfectionist part of his brain (which is housed in a different location to the the thinking part) from worrying about whether I can manage to complete this page entirely on my own.

If you would like to support me, and tell Kevin that you find this page just as entertaining, informative and clever as all of our pages* then please email Kevin and tell him what's what!

*With the exception of Kevin's Bratz write-up, which was truly, suberbly clever and I can't even hope to compete with.

--- Wow, Kevin would have had to write
a lot to fill up this space. ---
Aimee's thoughts:
I get on. They look at me. They look at my belly. They look away.

I can forgive the types who are so engrossed in reading about the latest Metro Gos to even look up. I can even excuse the ones who aren't reading, but seem of such low intelligence that they're more likely to become a headline themselves than notice that they have a protruding belly in their face.

However, to the alert, fit, fully capable of standing types who so very obviously notice I'm pregnant and try to slump back into one of the other two categories... shame on you. You know. I know you know. You know I know you know. We're not fooling anyone here.

Ahh, the delightful atmosphere on the London Underground. Can you feel the love?
I've heard that there are buttons you can get for the London Underground that say Baby on Board. I've contemplated seeing if I can hunt one of these down just to give these seathogs no excuses. But I've never really liked using guilt as a method of negotiation. I need a better angle to get a seat.

Kevin is a good prop. If we're together, he will purposely rub my tummy in a protective dad-to-be way meant to draw just that little extra bit of attention to me. This is to help those types who might be lingering on the line between 'fat' and 'pregnant'.

But so far, no results. I actually had to ask a man for a seat about a week ago when it was particularly hot and I thought I might just pass out. He gave it up pretty quickly, but having to ask for a seat every day doesn't seem reasonable - I'd just start to look greedy after a while.

Perhaps I should try wearing a little extra padding? But then, what if it was jiggled out and I'm labelled a fraud? I don't think they'd believe "But I am pregnant, just not that pregnant!".

All of this seat-wishing and asking has made me wonder what's happened to common curtesty? Didn't men used to give up their seats to women whether they were pregnant or not? I'll bet in the days of horse and buggy, the men didn't shove women out of the way to get to the last seat. They would have stood aside and tipped their hats as the women waltzed in.

Of course, in those days I may have gotten a seat, but I also would have been stared at for giving birth so 'late in life' and for walking around unescorted by my husband. I suppose there are trade-offs to be made in the name of progress, but I'd still like even just one person to give me their seat!

Did you know?

I'm willing to bet that even the experienced moms out there don't know this one: this is the week the baby's ears move from its NECK to its HEAD?

I prefer to think of it as the week that the baby truly forms a neck, and merely leaves the ears behind on the lump of a head that it used to be part of. It's somehow less weird that way.
Aimee's cravings

Twix chocolate bars! I used to think they were boring and fairly tasteless, but now I think they're perfect - I like the crunchy cookie part.

Baby's Book of the Week

Archie Hates Pink
By Karen Wallace and Barbara Nascimbeni
Light-hearted story about a cat named Archie who hates the colour pink for very good reasons. His mysterious mate Max shows his some very good reasons for loving pink. Definitely a feel-good book that will leave you feeling all warm and pink. Read while eating: pavlova.
Everyone into the poll!

This is a fun one, so I think we'll kep it going for a few more weeks. Besides, what else do Kev and I have to think about but this?

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We've got mail...

I am so happy that you are enjoying your pregnancy now. It's an amazing experience. I loved it. I absolutly LOVE the site. It is great and I check it all the time to see the latest developments. You look great by the way. How is Kevin doing? Has he put on any sympathy weight? Colin and I used to compare our belly sizes. We thought it was quite funny.
- Crystal
Dryden, ON

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